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As a traveller, I adore the southern part of India and will hold it dear till the last day of my life. - P. Herera

When we start talking of lifetime destinations across the world, the southern part of India ranks among the top. With states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and Union Territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, the southern India has a wide range of attractions to offer, whether it’s about hills, beaches, wildlife, adventure sports, places of worship, heritage, culture or cuisine. There are world-famous hill stations like Munnar, Ooty and Kodaikanal and such famous pilgrimage destinations as Madurai, Rameshwaram, Tirupati, Kanchipuram etc. Beaches of Kerala and Lakshadweep are a hot favourite of travellers. There’s a lot more!

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Elephant in Periyar Reserve
Famous Tourist Attractions
The variety of tourist attractions in southern India is simply amazing. Whether you are passionate about wildlife, adventure, pilgrimage, culture, heritage or scenic beauty, there is a wide range for you to explore. The attractions that we have covered below are known worldwide and invite hordes of travellers from all across the globe. So, begin planning your holidays in southern India right now.

Periyar Mysore Palace Meenakshi Temple Alappuzha Ooty Kodaikanal

Mysore Palace
Mysore PalaceA blend of architectural styles, Mysore Palace looks quite similar from a medieval Mughal mausoleum to an opulent French chateaus and anything in between. Abundant grandeur is visible everywhere and it has to be seen to be believed. The place, erstwhile site for an earlier wooden palace, was burnt down in a fire during 1897. All of those who have a penchant for the sumptuous, this edifice is going to be a memorable experience. Former residence of erstwhile Wodeyar kings of Mysore, the Palace was designed by British architect Henry Irwin (also designed Shimla's Viceregal Lodge). Mysore Palace represents a rare combination of architectural styles. During the Dussehra Festival, the palace is hugely decorated and wears a very magnificent look.

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Indian TigerLocated high in the ranges of the Western Ghats, Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve is a major wildlife destination in Kerala. The scenic Periyar Lake, spreading over 55,000 hectares, is located amidst the heart of the sanctuary, formed with the building of a dam in 1895. This reservoir meanders around the contours of the wooded hills and provides a permanent source of water for local wildlife. Even if it is a tiger reserve, tourists come here to view the Indian elephants in the act of bathing and playfulness by the much popular Periyar Lake. Other animals to be seen in the park include gaur, wild pigs, sambar, barking deer, mouse deer, dole or Indian wild dog and tigers totaling up to 40. Don’t miss a boat safari along the Periyar Lake during your trip to the national park.

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Meenakshi Temple
Deities on gopuram tower at the Sri Meenakshi Temple Situated in Madurai, one of the oldest cities of Tamil Nadu, Meenakshi Temple is the landmark of this city. An epitome of Dravidian architecture, this temple is dedicated to Meenakshi, the lovely consort of Lord Shiva. It was originally built by Kulasekara Pandya, but main credit for adorning the temple goes to the Nayaks. Nayaks ruled Madurai from the 16th to the 18th century and Meenakshi-Sundareswarar Temple is a majestic imprint of their rule. Mammoth Gopurams of Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple loom large over the city. The temple complex covers 6 hectares in the very middle of the city and abuzz with visitors from all across India and abroad.

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Fishermen on beach Also known as Alleppey Beach, Alappuzha Beach is one of the most exotic beaches not only in Kerala but in the whole of India. Dating back more than 140 years from now, the pier which extends into the sea here, is a big attraction for visitors. Arabian Sea is located on the west and a huge network of lakes, lagoons and several freshwater rivers crisscross it. In fact, Alappuzha district in itself is full of natural beauty. Described as the 'Venice of the East' by travelers from around the globe, this backwater country also boasts a diverse fauna and avi-fauna. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, Alappuzha has always enjoyed a unique place in the maritime history of Kerala and still remains a top backwater destination for travellers.

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The Botanical GardenOotacamund or Ooty is perched high in mountain ranges of Nilgiri near the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. It is the only hill station in India that attracts visitors throughout the year. The very fact has earned it the title of the 'all-seasons -hill resort' and the `Queen of Hill Stations'. Included among the most popular hill resorts in southern India, Ooty is located at an elevation of 7216 ft above sea level. The hill station seems to change its mood with the changing season, each one soothing to the visitors. Nestled among the hills at a point where the Eastern Ghats meets the Western Ghats, it's district headquarter town is spread along a beautiful plateau. Here, tourists can also indulge in a number of adventure activities.

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Palani Hills KodaikanalPopularly known as ' Kodai' and also as the 'Princess among Hill Stations', Kodaikanal is a quiet hill resort in the state of Tamil Nadu. Placed at an altitude of 2133 m above sea level in the Palani Hills of Western Ghats, it is 120 km away from the temple-town of Madurai. It is full of Kurinji flowers, blooming once every 12 years. The place has remained fairly uneventful throughout the history, but it has the distinction of being the only hill station in India to be set up by Americans during British Raj. American missionaries joined the British who had already moved here in 1845. The Americans later established a school for European children here, known as Kodaikonal International School now. Some wonderful options of adventure also await the tourists here.

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